Why Professional Hair Colour Is Better

Have you ever wondered why professional hair colour services in a salon seem to be so much more expensive when you compare it to what supermarket hair colour (or packet colour) will cost you if you DIY?

It seems like such a huge difference in price between these two options right? After all isn’t it all the same thing?

Well I can tell you after 25 years of experience as a profession hair colourist that its not the same.

- Professional hair colour is of a higher quality usually much lower in Ammonia. This makes it more challenging to cover grey and resistant hair types but leaves the hair in a much better and healthier state.
- A professional hair colour will be diagnosed just for your hair type.
- Hair colour requirements
- Taking your complexion into account.
- Your maintenance needs.
- Your budget
- It will be applied correctly.
- If complications do occur as they sometimes do, then its all under control and corrected.

At Taboo we use JTheColour professional hair colour that is of the highest quality.
Sure we pay more for this, but as the saying goes-

the proof is in the putting.

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