Quality Home Hair Care Is Important.

I can never quite understand why somebody would pay a lot of money to have their hair cut, coloured, treated, and then walk out of the salon and purchase cheap and nasty products for their home hair care maintenance.

It truly makes no sense at all to me?

You see I spend almost everyday creating amazing hairstyles, cuts, and hair colours where I make sure that I dont cut corners, applying the best techniques ands care, while always using the best proffesional hair products that are available regardless of price.

This standard I have set at Taboo Hair Salon ensures that when my clients are in my care, they will receive the best treatment and results possible.

So why destroy all the hard work, and more importantly your HAIR?

Using good quality hair care products will:

- improve your hairs condition making it manageable for you
- will ensure that your new hair colour or Keratin treatment will last as long as it should
- will stop your hair from drying out and possibly splitting 
- will make styling your hair simple and easy 
- will make you look and feel fabulous.
- will minimize the risk of contracting scalp and hair disorders.

Although more expensive, quality home hair care products are like an insurance policy against all the bad things that come with cheap and nasty products.

Take a look at our online shop and read up on what hair product best suits your hair and scalp type, and don’t make the silly mistake that so many people do.